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If you are young then How To Kiss advises some thought on becoming an adult - or if you are older then we advise some thought on becoming a better person. We can change, and we can have some control over how we change. And you can have a better life by making yourself a better person, though there may well be limits to your options.

Different people are largely different bunches of habits - and mostly habits picked up in childhood from family and friends. Some of the habits we have picked up may not really suit us and some may be unhelpful or even unhealthy habits. But habits can be changed successfully.

Ending bad habits

Take a close look at yourself and your life, and you should be able to recognise that you have at least one or two habits that are not very good - and maybe that you are missing one or two good habits as well. One simple example might be smoking cigarettes and that being unhealthy and expensive. When you can clearly see that you have some bad habit, then you can try to end it.

You can try just using your willpower to stop bad habits, or you can try replacing a bad habit with a less bad habit. If you find that simply stopping smoking nicotine cigarettes is too hard, then try replacing that with chewing nicotine gum or sucking nicotine mints which will be a healthier and cheaper habit. (note, your stomach may not like their higher-nicotene versions)

You can also try just using your willpower to start good habits, or you can try replacing a bad habit with a good habit. If you find that regular workout exercise is too hard, then try just replacing short drives with walking. Tell family or friends what you are doing, and that will help you stick with the improvement.

Important personality habits

If you really think about yourself, then you can recognise your own personality habits - and you may think 'that is who I am'. But these are also habits that you can change, and you can make you a better more successful you. - around personality habits like ;

1. Trustworthy - Untrustworthy, be as trustworthy as you can by trying to stick to what you promise.
2. Honest - Dishonest, be as honest as you can by not stealing or cheating.
3. Open - Secretive, be as open as is practical and fully open with a partner.
4. Trusting - Sceptical, be as trusting as is practical.
5. Tolerant - Intolerant, be as tolerant as is practical.
6. Generous - Mean, be as generous as is practical.
7. Sensitive - Coarse, be as sensitive as is practical.
8. Kind - Callous, be as kind as is practical.
9. Brave - Fearful, be as brave as is practical.
10. Leading - Following, be yourself mostly and fit in with company when practical.
11. Quiet - Boisterous, be yourself mostly and fit in with company when practical.

A new me ?

Changing yourself for the better can take time, and it may have to be done step by step. The first thing has to be recognising clearly where habits need to be changed. So you can start with the first on the list above and work your way down the list.

On each one consider and watch carefully what you are actually doing now and consider if it needs improving or not. Work on the first habit that needs improving, and tell family or friends what you are doing since that will help you stick with the improvement.

Then consider the next thing on the list above, and soon you will become a more successful adult or become that better person.

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