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For different societies the most noticeable differences will often be differences in their dress codes. So what you are wearing right now, may be considered good in some societies but be considered bad in other societies. And though in some cases dress codes are clearly defined, there are many cases of unclear unspoken dress codes that people are still expected to follow - and some forms of dress may be illegal.


Some societies may have a rigid uniform general dress code while others may have a flexible general dress code or even no dress code. And a society may also have different dress codes for schools, for military, for some employments, for the young, and for the old. Some societies may have a rigid general dress code for females, but have a flexible general dress code for males. So what you are wearing right now, may in your society be considered good for some but be considered bad for others.


Dress codes do not always reflect general social rigidities, so some societies with less rigid dress codes may have more rigid behaviour laws. Hence politically extreme societies have tended to being more controlling of behaviour than of dress, while religiously extreme societies have tended to being more controlling of dress than of behaviour. Less extreme societies may have more flexible dress codes but may still have quite intrusive behaviour laws.


A. Anti-pride equality modesty dress.
Some religions and some politics may be strongly against false pride and may support uniform forms of dress that make all wearers appear equal. Schools or other bodies may also adopt such a dress code as helping to encourage cohesion and unity in their group. One example is the 'Mao suit' which in China was for a time promoted for all males and then was for a time promoted for all males and females. Other equality-modesty dress codes included Puritan Christian dress and the 'Lenin suit'.

B. Anti-sex sexual modesty dress.
Sexual modesty ideas are more often religious though they can also be political. Since humans come in two different sexes, sexual modesty dress codes may more often be different for the two sexes, as in being more rigidly defined for females than for males or viceversa. Generally they chiefly involve hiding some or all parts of the body, and most if not all modern societies have had or now have at least some extent of sexual modesty clothing law.

Of course these modesty ideas can be claimed to concern merely appearance rather than reality, and to be merely subjective opinion. Hence supporters of naturism certainly claim that their lifestyle is modest and opposes both false pride and artificial sexuality. Beauty and attractiveness are in the eye of the beholder, and beholders vary greatly. The fact that both Peacocks and Blackbirds can reproduce well, suggests that even forms of uniform dress can increase rather than decrease appearance sexuality and appearance inequality to some beholders ?

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Dress materials have often mainly been plain and unpatterned. But in some societies patterned dress materials have been or are common, sometimes with patterns having a particular form. Hence the 'tartan' dress pattern has long been in use in Scotland. Different methods of adding pattern to dress materials can be used, some suiting only some materials. Patterns can be woven into woven materials, or can be embroidered into many materials. Patterns can be stitched onto or glued or melted onto some materials as in using vinyl patterning. Or patterns can be dyed into or printed onto some materials, with the finest modern printing termed 'sublimation' requiring material to be (or be coated with) a material like polyester. (If you would like a pillow with your date's face sublimation-printed on it see Personalised Pillow.)

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