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How To Kiss advises caution when first dating someone, because it is easy to think that someone is fine when you know little about them - and they may really be useless or even dangerous. But do not let that put you off dating completely, just be careful.

Go slowly on a first date, and enjoy it. If your date is worthwhile then you will not go wrong with the following ;

1. Compliment your date, eg on their clothing, but don't overdo it.
2. Listen to your date, and respond to what they say.
3. Be yourself, and do not brag too much or lie or spend too silly.
4. Avoid discussing previous dates or sex, unless they raise it.
5. Do not try to get your date drunk, or yourself.
6. Don't rush into touching or kissing, wait till it feels right for you both.

You will be best to start a first date just by getting friendly, that will help to put you both at ease. Tell your date honestly the extent to which you are unattached - eg fully unattached, having an ex with little contact, having an ex with regular contact, or if you have children. They will not need your full life story - and you should mainly want to hear from them the extent to which they are unattached. But note that people can lie - or leave out some truths 'till a better moment later'.

Do not start touching or kissing too soon on a first date unless they first touch or kiss you, in which case your first touching should be their back or elbow only - and your first kiss should be simple. Go no further unless they want to, and even then it may be better to go a bit slow on a first date - if you know that you tend to becoming clingy or needy after first sex then that will be better left to another time. If you are unsure about how to kiss someone for the first time then see our First Kiss Someone section.

Dating is firstly two people getting to know each other !

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At the end of a first date that you enjoyed always say something like "Well I have had a great time, can I phone you tomorrow ?". And if hopefully you get a yes, and you want a second date, then phone the next evening and suggest a second date for a day or two later - unless they suggest sooner ! Doing everything to please a partner instantly is being too eager and too easy, but playing very hard-to-get and disagreeable is also bad behaviour. Be keen within practical limits. (At the end of a first date that you did not enjoy, say something like "Well thanks for a nice time, but I'm not sure I can get further involved with anyone right now")

Try to enjoy your first date, and hope it is not with a louse !

PS. There are many general and specialised dating websites that may be of interest, a few being free but most have fees.

How To Kiss advice is for boy, girl, man, woman, single, divorced, separated, widowed, single parent, teen or older.

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