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How To Kiss advises keeping some fun going if you want your relationship to be happy ever after. Here are some tips that you may find useful ;

1. Be honest with your partner always, then you will both be able to deal with problems together (but on the past see below). This applies to money also, which needs agreeable practical handling as a couple even when the agreed roles of each partner differ.

2. Before you marry, try saving for a mortgage deposit for a small flat or house. (it will be cheaper and more profitable than renting)

3. Before or soon after marrying, try to get some better experience or qualifications so you can get better paying work. (a lifetime on the lowest wages is not so good)

4. Make time for couple-outings and some separate free-time for you and your partner. (a little regular good-time keeps boredom down and love up)

5. Do try to have a good holiday each year, cheap camping or expensive package deal. (also keeps boredom down and love up, and bonds)

6. Cooperate with your partner as much as practical. Doing everything to please a partner instantly is not practical and is making yourself a doormat, but being disagreeable too often is also bad for a relationship.

7. Accept the past as being past, and now and your future as more important. A partner having one past-life secret should be accepted if it is not likely to affect your future.

PS. There are of course also some complete no-no's to life, if you marry or not. Crimes, drugs, too much alcohol and too much gambling can all ruin your life and certainly ruin a marriage - so do try and avoid these. To cut the risks of alcohol to your relationships and your health, if social drinking you could try alternating an alcohol drink with a soft drink. And children being involved in a relationship will make it even more important to really try to make the relationship good, as children under 18 are as badly affected by an unhappy home as by a breakup.

You can make your marriage fun and love !

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