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How 2 Kiss advises anybody hu iz kissN SOME1 nu 4 d 1st tym 2 begin slOlE w a simpl closed-lips kiss. w a 1st kiss, onlE f yor D8 OpNz thR mouth o uzz thR tongue shud U thN muv on 2 tongue kissN o french kissN. progrS onlE foLowN thR lEd ! w l8r kissN, U tkng mo of a lEd iz discuSD bElO.

D key 2 a 1st kiss iz b soft & gentle, thN foLow yor D8z lEd b4 trying advncd kissN ... datz aL ther iz 2 it rly.

Enjoy yorself kissN SUM1 specL !

enjoy kissN pictuR

d basics of moving 2 mo advncd kissN ;

F yor 1st simpl kissN hz gone fiN, thN slOlE & litelE draw yor tongue ax d othR prsnz lips. f d othR prsn litelE pRtz thR lips, slOlE explore d othR prsn's tongue n a lite lykN motion. D tongue iz v sensitive, so tongue 2 tongue iz d basis of french kissN.

Note dEz issuz ;

HANDS shud b Usd gently, & havN stRtD w waist, bak & sholdRz go on 2 carSN hair & fAc. Do especalE go ahed & tuch hair. (& dun uz sticky hairspray o goo, thN yor D8 cn njoy tuchN yor hair.)
EYES @ 1st shud mostly b closD, bt go on 2 eyes OpND @ tImz, especalE f yor D8 duz.
SOUNDS lIk moanN & groanN shud @ 1st b avoidD, bt go on 2 d occasional mmmm, groan o smacky swNd especalE f yor D8 duz.
TONGUE actN shud stRt slOlE & involve a give-and-take, w both parties allowD d opRtunET 4 interaction.
STOP wen it fElz rght, H, kiss d neck, thN kiss 'gen f yor D8 wntz 2.

Wen kissing some1 4 d first time, always stRt slOlE w a simpl closed-lips kiss. ThN U can try just opeNn yor lips a little and C how they respond, o try a gentle lick of their lips and C how they respond. OnlE wen yor D8 opeNz thR mouth o uses thR tongue, should U thN move on 2 tongue kissN or french kissN. Mostly foLowN thR lEd will go best ! Too much tongue may not be liked, but a little good tongue may go very well.

French kissN variations 2 mAb try, whch U & Ur D8 mA lIk ;

1. Flicker d tip of yor tongue on d tip of theirs.
2. Rotate yor tongue n a circular motion.
3. Tickle d roof of yor D8z mouth w yor tongue.
4. plA chase tongues bak & 4th.
5. Suk yor pRtnR's tongue.

Do nOt dat dfrnt ppl cn prefer dfrnt ways of kissN, so ther iz rly n wrng way 2 kiss.

Sealed w A Kiss by Brian Hyland, Gary Geld & Peter Udell 1962

Tho' we gotta say goodbye for the summer
baby I promise you this -
I'll send you all my love
every day in a letter
sealed with a kiss.

Guess it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer
but I'll feel the emptyness.
I'll send you all my dreams
every day in a letter
sealed with a kiss.

I'll see you in the sunlight
I'll hear your voice everywhere
I'll run to tenderly hold you
but baby you won't be there.

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How 2 Kiss advice iz 4 boi, girl, man, woman, sngL, divorcD, separatD, widowD, sngL parNt, teen, midL aged o older.

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