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o jst getin a bit stale

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How 2 Kiss advises kEpn a kewl hed f U hav Bin n a relationship 4 som tym & a break-up looms. U mA c DIS az purely a lost-love issU, bt breakN-up cn also involve monE, behaviour & chldrn isUz !

BreakN ^ frm a relationship.

A break-up mA b incredibly hard & involve a lot pain howevR it goes. It cn mean losing SOME1 important n yor Lyf, & CN yor hOpz & dreams of a futR Lyf 2geder disappear.

Is UR relationship shaky ?

Gud relationships R basD on a cupL bn OpN & honest w EchuthR, especalE bout probz. f yor pRtnR hz probz dat dey R not talkin 2 U propRlE bout, o f U hav probz U R not talkin bout, thN a break-up mA b loomN. f yor prtnrs concrn w SX, w monE o w chldrn hz changed substantially w/o a sensible rEsN U hav discuSD, thN dat mA mean a potential breakup prob. mAbE yor relationship hz nevr Bin fully OpN & honest, o mAbE it hz Bin bt U hav not faced ^ 2 som of yor prtnrs probz - o dey hav not faced ^ 2 som of yor probz ?

Can yor relationship b impruvd ?

Relationship probz cn b smaLR o bigger, & cn b EZer o harder 2 fix. 4 smaLR probz talkin Thru dem reasonably mA weL b Enuf, & 4 somwot mo diFicult isUz som kind of counsellN mA hlp. bt f yor relationship hz a rly big prob, mAbE involvN violence w drink o drugs, thN onlE both prtnrs agrEN 2 a total Lyf chAng hz NE chaNc of wrkN. Dat cn mean agrEN 2 muv town o 2 emigrate 2 ditch negatve 'fRnds' & habits, agrEN 2 onlE socialise az a cupL & not separately & agrEN gnrle 2 bn mo 2geder 2 suport Ech othR. F yor relationship hz jst got a bit stale, thN aL dat mA b nEdD iz a tuch of real romance - considR rOmntc D8 o second-honeymoon ideas.

Should U nd it ?

The decision 2 stA n o Leav a relationship iz rly 1 of d most important decisions youll eva mAk. shud U try 2 mAk yor relationship BetA o finish it ? A rly big prob lIk violence almost certanlE mEnz dat U hav 2 break-up, bt som othR isUz cn mAbE b fixD. wot sEmz mostly wrng w d relationship 4 U ? U wiL nEd 2 Dcide f U shud try 2 mAk yor relationship BetA o finish it ? f chldrn R involvD it bcumz especalE important 2 rly try 2 mAk d relationship wrk, since chldrn undR d age of 18 R alwys v badly affectD by an unhappy om o a breakup. A breakup mA nEd som tinkN bout housing, monE o chldrn isUz - bt f U must break-up thN dEz cn gnrle b dealt w.

Space 4 reflection ?

Som cupLz cn manage 2 agrE 2 uz a trial separation honestly az a thinkN-space period dat mA lEd eithR 2 a restart o 2 a breakup. Separation aLowz a cupL 2 Ech go in2 thR dfrnt corners & tink bout d probz n thR relationship, tink bout how dey R fEln az individuals & tink honestly bout d realities of restartN o breakN ^.

F U R dumpD.

F U hav Bin dumpD, thN 1st try 2 tAk it n. Do not pester yor (ex)partner, git on w Lyf & watch TV o go 2 d cinema. Few break-ups R foLowD by sucSful re-starts, & f yor (ex)partner wntz 2 try a restart thN dey wiL contak U. o f U rly wnt a restart thN U cn try som careful considRD contak 2 lt dem knO U cAR, bt f U hav Bin dumpD aftR a lng relationship thN yor best bet by fR iz 2 akcpt it howevR painful it mA b. a few dAz U shud stRt 2 git mo realistic. tink bout d tngz U did not lIk bout yor (ex)partner, & not jst wot U did lIk. Buy som nIs nu clothes, & stRt goin out 2 nIs plAcz. RemMbR yor gud qualities, & dat ther R plenty of gud fish n d sea. U hav plenty of tym so U cn thN also L%k 4ward - plan a nIs holidA o a nu career muv mAbE ? A nu luv wiL cum l8r. mA also wnt 2 c our git bak 2geder sectN, & f yor relationship iz mo recnt thN 2 yr.z thN c our Breakup & Commitment sections.

GetN bak 2geder cn mean a nu gud Lyf !

Walking Back to Happiness, by Helen Shapiro

Walking back to happiness, woopah oh yeah yeah
Said goodbye to loneliness, woopah oh yeah yeah
I never knew I'd miss you
Now I know what I must do
Walking back to happiness
I shared with you.

Making up for things we said, woopah oh yeah yeah
And mistakes to which they led, woopah oh yeah yeah
I shouldn't have gone away
So I'm coming back today
Walking back to happiness I threw away.

Walking back to happiness, woopah oh yeah yeah
Said goodbye to loneliness, woopah oh yeah yeah
I never knew I'd miss you
Now I know what I must do
Walking back to happiness
I shared with you.

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