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How 2 Kiss advises goin carefully f U hav Bin d8N 4 sum tym & R tinkN bout commitment. U mA c DIS az jst a luv issU, o U mA c it az also a chldrn & housing & earnings issU !

Commitment timiN.

D8N mA begin w sum rEsNz pRhaps n mind & cn go fiN 4 sum tym w/o NE real commitment by eithR pRtnR. bt 1 o both mA @ sum tym wnt d relationship 2 bcum permanent - 4 luv o othR rEsNz. But ofn evN w d best suitD cupL, 1 wiL b redE 2 commit earlier & d othR wiL nEd sum mo tym o mA not wnt 2 commit.
Some mA b redE 4 a full commitment aftR onlE 2 wkz d8N, bt sum mA nEd 2 yr.z d8N 2 b redE 2 commit. Ther iz n 1 rght tym, & 2 wkz mA b Enuf 4 sum - especalE 4 thOs past thR mid-20s. bt 2 yr.z mA b nEdD by othRz, especalE f dey R yung o f dey hav had previous relationship probz. F 1 iz redE 2 commit earlier, thN dey mA nEd 2 shO sum patience & GIV thR pRtnR sum mo tym.

Commitment woriez.

4 sum D commitment question iz a simpl issU of luv onlE, f U luv thN U commit. N dat case shON luv by bn rOmntc @ tImz mA b aL dat iz nEdD 2 git dem 2 commit. bt sum cn c it dfrntlE, az not jst d question of luv bt pRhaps az also bout chldrn & housing & earnings. Sum mA wori bout M I redE 4 chldrn nw, cn we git k housing nw & R our earnings Enuf nw. sum wiL c DIS az d mo mature consideration of commitment, & d onlE luv m@Rz' vu of commitment az bn less mature.
N genRL ppl hu tend 2 tAk rskz mo wiL mostly go w onlE luv m@Rz', & mo careful ppl wiL tend 2 considR d othR isUz also. & ofn SOME1 hu iz mo of a rsk taker mA tend 2 committN earlier.

General doubts.

It cn EzalE b dat 1 o evN both d8N prtnrs hav genRL doubts bout commitment dat dey Cnot rly explain. genRL doubts wiL NcluD stuff lIk Im not suR Im redE'. U cn jst b a doubter - do U evN doubt yor doctR ? f yor doubts R jst genRL doubts & U R jst gnrle a doubter, thN do not lt dat stop U frm makin a commitment o U mA weL lose a lot wen U c%d insted gain a lot. evN a doubter cn hav a lng :-) relationship.

Is it breakN ^ ?

F U hav Bin d8N SUM1 a whIl thN @ sum point it mA cum 2 a break-up prob. It mA o mA not hpn, it mA o mA not b a big prob & it mA o mA not git fixD.

BreakN-up iz a big prob f 1 o both d8N prtnrs fElz committD 2 d relationship - evN f DIS commitment hz not Bin discuSD. thN d break-up question shud b discuSD 2 c f d prob iz mAbE ;

1. A love-committD pRtnR anxis dat d othR pRtnR iz not yt love-committD ?
2. A not yt love-committD pRtnR anxis dat d othR pRtnR iz t% s%n love-committD ?
3. A cupL n love, w 1 o both prtnrs anxis bout chldrn, housing o earnings ?
4. A cupL n love, w 1 o both prtnrs havN genRL further-commitment wori ?

These typ of issU cn ofn b solved by discussion, w ideas lIk I wiL GIV U sum mo time', 'cn U GIV me sum mo tym', 'we cn deal w thOs woriez l8r', o 'genRL woriez do not m@R'. br>If yor d8N pRtnR iz rly worEd bout committN thN mAbE U c%d agrE 2 n long-term commitment. mAbE U c%d both b k 2 agrE 2 commit 2 onlE d NXT 6 mthz, thN U wiL split unLS U both wnt 2 commit 2 NothA 6 mthz - & U cn both c how it goes 4 U ?
OR f U cnt agrE on dat, thN U c%d mAbE agrE a 1-month-trial-separation & fix a NXT D8 4 1 mthz tym - wrte dwn d tym & plAc 4 dat D8. Do not pester yor pRtnR n a separation period, bt knO dat breakups n shorter relationships cn ofn b mstakez dat cn cum rght w sum cAR. mA also b useful 2 discuS d prob w yor mum o dad. & f U hav Bin d8N 4 a yr. o so, thN mAbE U c%d both consult a relationship councillor ? F U hav Bin d8N 4 mo thN 2 yr.z & Cnot git yor pRtnR 2 mAk a long-term commitment, thN U shud tAk it dat dey nevr wiL mAk a long-term commitment - & U wiL jst hav 2 Dcide f U cn go w dat o not. f yor relationship hz alredi lstD longer thN 2 yr.z thN c our breakN ^ sectN.

Early full commit o slO pRt commit, cn wrk out !

Save The Last Dance For Me, by The Drifters.

Oh, I know (oh, I know)
That the music's fine
Like sparkling wine
Go and have your fun.
Laugh and sing
But while we're apart
Don't give your heart
To anyone.

'Cause, don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be.
So darlin', save the last dance for me.

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