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GitN bak 2geder w yor ex

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How 2 Kiss advises rly tinkN f U R tinkN bout tryN 2 git bak 2geder w yor ex-partner, ex-boyfriend o ex-girlfriend. tho most breakups mA b permanent & rght 4 both prtnrs, som R a mstake. N som cases getin bak 2geder iz rght & cn b v sucSful. bt ofn it iz a v bad idea !

Should U try 2 git bak 2geder w an ex ?

aftR a relationship breakN ^ U mA weL fEl dat U shud mAk ^ & git bak 2geder, & yor ex-partner mA fEl d sAm o mA not. & 1 o both of U mA b rght o mA b wrng on dat. It mA not b an EZ decision 2 git rght, so U mA both nEd 2 rly tink bout it. bElO iz wot nEdz tinkN bout.

1. U tink U wnt 2 git bak w yor ex - bt do U rly ?

We aL tend 2 wnt tngz we Cnot hav o hav 404, so f U wer dumpD yor wnt 2 git bak 2geder idea mA b jst wantN it cuz of d loss o cuz U cnt hav dem. U wiL nEd 2 git clr on exactly wot U wnt frm a relationship, & f U cn rly git it n DIS relationship.

2. cn yor ex rly b mostly gud 4 U ?

cn yor ex-partner hlp & encourage U, mo thN mAk U depend on dem ? & duz yor ex hav mo gud qualities thN bad qualities. F U cnt rly confidently sA yS thN it's a gud indication dat U shud not try 2 git bak 2geder w yor ex. It's also lIklE dat yor rEsNz 4 wantN 2 git bak 2geder w dem R negative.

3. wiL d breakup issU mend ?

Do d probz dat caused d breakup hav a solutN dat U & U ex cn actually handL so U cn both rly mAk d relationship wrk ? F d probz includD violence thN dat iz almost impossible 2 fix, bt othR probz mA jst nEd som real F4t by U n/or yor ex. & f probz wer rly sml thN dey cn mAbE b jst acceptD.

4. duz yor ex rly wnt 2 git bak 2geder w U ?

We aL incline 2 wnt tngz we Cnot hav o hav 404, so f U dumpD yor ex thN dem wantN 2 git bak 2geder mA b jst wantN it cuz of d loss o cuz dey cnt hav U. bt yor ex mA wnt 2 git bak w U 4 som BetA rEsN. So U wiL hav 2 judge w mAbE ltl clr evidence f truelly duz he wnt 2 git bak 2geder o duz she wnt 2 git bak 2geder. f dey do wnt 2 git bak w U, thN U wiL nEd 2 Dcide f dey hav a rEsN dat wiL satisfy yor mAn relationship nEdz - & f U cn rly satisfy thR mAn relationship nEdz
Good relationships R basD on a cupL bn OpN & honest w EchuthR, especalE bout probz, & f yor relationship wz nevr fully OpN & honest thN som real discussion wiL b nEdD. Both of U wiL nEd 2 fAc ^ 2 d breakup probz especalE.

how do I git bak 2geder w my ex-partner, ex-boyfriend o ex-girlfriend ?

The decision 2 renew a relationship iz 1 of d most important decisions youll eva mAk. F U hav decidD 2 try 2 git bak w yor ex, thN U cn do it f U procEd carefully az bElO. bt do not rush & Xspec 2 spNd som tym 1derN wiL we git bak 2geder eva.
1. 1st BlEv dat U cn git bak 2geder sucSfulE & dat it cn b gud. Almost evry1 responds weL 2 confidNc & persistance, so hide NE insecurity o doubts. bt do not b over-pushy, try 2 b a ltl laid-back o take-it-or-leave-it mostly.
2. contak dem mAbE 1ce a mth 2 ask how dey R doin. thN mAbE incrEs 2 a fone caL 1ce evry cupL of wkz. & wen dey RTz calz, do not alwys git bak 2 dem d sAm dA. d NXT dA sumtimz iz a gud tng.
3. lt dem knO dat U cAR 4 dem. ShO som tenderness & caring, whch dey mA b getin ltl of evN f dey R d8N nw. Do not cum on t% strong, bt U cn snd 1 rOmntc card 2 lt dem knO dat U cn b ther 'gen lIk dat.
4. ShO U cn b sexC n a surprisN kind of way. Wear a nu outfit dat shOz off yor best assets. Try l%kin mo classy rather thN trashy, & try 2 smeL gud.
5. Try 2 shO dem dat dey rly nEd U. Point out d ways dat dey wer happier o BetA off wen U wer 2geder. bt avoid pleadN, go mo w shON yor wrth.
DO go EzalE, cuz panic wiL not hlp & harassment wiL not wrk !
PS. U mA also wnt 2 c our Breakup & True luv sectNz.

GitN bak 2geder cn mean a nu gud Lyf !

Cupid, by Sam Cooke

Now I don't mean to bother you but I'm in a mess.
There's danger of me losing all of my happiness.
For I love a girl who doesn't know I exist
And this you can fix. So...

Cupid draw back your bow
And let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me. Oo, now...

Cupid if your arrow makes a love storm for me.
I promise I will love her until eternity.
I know between the two of us her heart we can steal.
Help me if you will.

Cupid please hear my cry
And let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

Bt f finalE reconciliation cnt wrk, remMbR dat dey R plenty of fish n d sea, & wen U fEl redE try a pro d8N agency.

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