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Simpl clr advice on how 2
sucSfulE git 2 knO sum1

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How 2 Kiss advises caution w SOME1 nu o SOME1 U knO ltl bout, cuz it iz EZ 2 tink dat SOME1 iz fiN wen U knO ltl bout dem - & dey mA rly b UslS o evN dangerous. bt do not lt dat put U off getin 2 knO nu ppl complEtlE, jst b careful. .

F U wnt 2 git 2 knO SOME1 o R l%kin 4 SOME1 2 D8, thN ther R lots of plAcz dat U mite MEt ppl - whr U study o wrk, rownd whr U live, whr U spNd yor leisure tym o evN on d internet o Thru d8ing agencies. F U R stuck 2 find dat real soulmate thN it iz a gud idea 2 foLow an intRSt - f U R intRStd n yoga, chess o sealife thN sign-up 2 a yoga, chess o sealife claS o club !! HavN an active intRSt o hobby also mAkz U mo intRStN & GIVz U somTIN dfrnt 2 TLK bout.

& it wiL go best f U 1st git clr on Y rly U wnt a nu frNd. So iz it ;

1. 2 hav frNdlE co. & frNdlE fun. (BetA thN hanging out w a silly gang ?)
2. 2 hav reg. SX fun. (bt som double-date 2 git mo, especalE d marriD ?)
3. 2 hav chldrn. (especalE f middle-age approaching ?)
4. 4 monE. (f honest az a paid escort, f dishonest az a thief ?)
5. 4 luv. (d ideal ?)

Nw U mA stRt w havN 1 of dEz rEsNz onlE, & dat mA chAng wen U git 2 knO a nu frNd BetA. bt U wiL do best 2 shO yorself rght 4 wot U wnt - f U onlE wnt frNdlE co. thN do not sA U mostly lIk SX cuz dat wiL onlE attract thOs hu mAnlE wnt dat.

F U R l%kin 2 git 2 knO SUM1 thN it wiL hlp f U cn try 2 improve yor dress a bit, nu shuz o a nu hair stIL o wutevA.

Wen it duz cum 2 an actual nu prsn dat U wnt 2 mAk fRnds w, f U R a bit unsure bout how 2 git 2 knO dem, dey mA also b unsure. jst git frNdlE, w/o tinkN bout d8ing, 1st w a simpl smile & a simpl wrd lIk 'Hi'. Go slOlE, & n aL cases try 2 find out a ltl bout a prsn b4 considRN befriending o d8ing dem. Try 2 find out f dey do NE stuff dat mA mAk dem a bad frNd o a bad D8 - do dey fite, drink, lie, steal o hang w a gang ? Of corS f dey lie thN dey wiL problE sA dat dey R none of dEz wen dey R ! Wen U find SOME1 hu iz not a louse & mA b wrth U d8ing, thN try 2 find out & Lern bout @ lEst 1 of thR intRStz - b it a sport, a B&, a TV shO o wutevA. It cn certanlE hlp U f U fEl stuck w how 2 D8 SOME1.

2 ask yor intendD D8 4 a 1st D8, o 2 encourage dem 2 ask U, git frNdlE slOlE. sA 'Hi', smile, sA 'Damn Im l8', sA 'God Im frEzN', sA 'My footy team iz doin crp'. Jst git frNdlE w/o tinkN bout yor d8ing ideas. MentN NE intRStz o hobbies U hav & NE of yor gud points - eg I M a gud cook o a gud listener. Bt do not gr8ly over-sell yorself by lyN dat U R richer thN U R o by promising a 'Rose gRdn' Lyf. & do not tuch b4 a date unLS dey 1st tuch U, n whch case U mite briefly tuch thR bak o elbow onlE.

Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson, Joe South 1970

I beg your pardon
I never promised you a rose garden.

I could promise you things like big diamond rings
But you don't find roses growin' on stalks of clover
so you better think it over.
When it's sweet talking you could make it come true
I would give you the world right now on a silver platter
but what would it matter.

So smile for a while and let's be jolly
Love shouldn't be so melancholy
Come along and share the good times while we can.

I beg your pardon
I never promised you a rose garden.
Along with the sunshine
there's gotta be a little rain sometime.

4 d full lyrics 2 DIS & othR gr8 songs vzit DIS Forum !

Talking iz how two ppl git frNdlE !

getting frNdlE talkin pictuR

So nw U knO SOME1 a bit dat U wud lIk 2 D8, bt how do U D8 SOME1 4 d 1st tym ? F dey hav not askd U 4 a D8 thN U must ask dem. It mA ofn b best 2 stRt sml, w a wnt 2 catch a Cofy o coke ?' - o bigger w a 'ther's a gr8 film o shO on fri., lIk 2 go ?'. f U kEp it specific, & avoid 'wud U lIk 2 D8 ?' thN U R mo lIklE 2 git a yS o 2 Leav OpN a 2nd chaNc.

PS. ther R som dfrnt isUz f U prefer 2 uz a d8ing agency, including on9 d8ing, so 4 dat 1st c our luv on9 sectN.

NOt dat genRL fRnds blogging W3s R not cNtRD on makin nu real fRnds o on d8ing, bt R mo 4 thOs wantN 2 listN & 2 TLK on d internet onlE. & under-18s especalE mA not yt knO themslvs hu dey rly R & so thR wrds shud not b takN az aL CreslE true evN f dey R trying 2 b honest. & lots on-line R tricksters of corS.

NOt : bn careful bout makin fRnds on d internet iz especalE nEdD by undR 18s, hu shud alwys teL a parNt hu mA b helpful. Secret fRnds R fishy !! evN f U hav NOT told a parNt bout dem, it iz a gud idea 2 teL a nu internet frNd dat U hav - dat wiL problE git rid of d worst crooks. f U wnt 2 MEt an internet frNd 4 d 1st tym, U shud alwys hav a relative o frNd w U - & sA dat U wiL wen U R fixing a 1st MEtN !! c our luv on9 sectN.

How 2 Kiss advice iz 4 boi, girl, man, woman, sngL, divorcD, separatD, widowD, sngL parNt, teen, midL aged o older.

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