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How 2 Kiss advises sum cAR f U R considRN a mariG proposal. It iz a big step 2 tAk so U shud rly tink bout it & bout how a proposal iz lIklE 2 go !

WhIl a majority mA mari cuz dey luv SOME1 & tink dat dey also luv dem, sum mari onlE 4 frNdlE co. & frNdlE fun, o 2 hav reg. SX fun, 2 hav chldrn o jst 4 monE. & ther R sum arranged mariGz, whr families insist on a prticulr mariG & it iz gnrle claimD dat luv wiL devLp aftR mariG.

4 sum mariG cn mAbE wrk w/o luv, bt 1 o both mA wnt it 2 involve real luv. & NEway it duz nEd 2 NcluD sum frNdlE co. & frNdlE fun, sum reg. SX fun, acceptable monE & problE chldrn. Sumtimz monE & chldrn R not discuSD b4 mariG & a cupL hav strong differences bout thOs isUz dat mA mAk thR mariG unworkable. So do tink bout dEz isUz b4 considRN mariG - sum do not wnt chldrn & sum do not wnt 2 earn monE. Also sum mA tAk 2 in-laws EzalE & happily, bt mNE wiL strongly resent thR prtnrs parNts f d pRtnR aLowz dem 2 b t% interfering.

SucSful mariG nEdz a cupL bn a practical team. It wiL not go weL f 1 duz evrtng 2 pls d othR pRtnR instNtlE, o f 1 iz disagreeable t% ofn. Practical mariG nEdz cooperation 2 an Xtnt dat iz practical 4 both prtnrs. So 1 o both of U mite do weL 2 considR try 2 git sum BetA wrk XperENs o qualifications so U cn git BetA pAN wrk. (a lifetime on d lowest wages iz not so good)

AL marriD cupLz wiL @ sum tImz hav probz bout aL of d basic mariG isUz - monE, kds, SX, housework, in-laws & frE tym. D sucSful cupL wiL deal w probz honestly & OpNlE w thR pRtnR - thN yor two hedz cn cum ^ w realistic Ansz dat wiL wrk 4 U. kEpn a mariG prob secret frm yor pRtnR prevntz workable Ansz, & iz d worse posebL tng 2 do.

Yung chldrn nEd a lot of ATTN dat cn severely limit parNts quality couple-time, so nEdN a gud baby-sitter @ lEst 1 evNg a mth 4 a marriD cupL 2 go out (on a nIs D8') - yor parNts mA b a gud choice. & both prtnrs shud also git a reg. bit of free-time.

Faithfullness iz of corS crucial 2 a gud mariG, & indeed NE involvement w mbrs of d oposit SX shud b kept 2 a minimum 2 avoid jLSE probz. & calm OpN & honest talkin iz alwys d mAn nEd n a gud mariG 4 handling NE probz dat cum up ! 1ce chldrn R involvD it bcumz especalE important 2 rly try 2 mAk d mariG gud, cuz chldrn undR d age of 18 R alwys v badly affectD by an unhappy om o a breakup.

(DOUBTS. considRN mariG iz v lIklE 2 raising doubts, whch cn arise NE tym bt cn EzalE hit sudNlE jst b4 a wedding. DIS doubts issU iz discuSD n our True luv section.)

Romantic mariG proposal ideas.

Well f U hav nw decidD dat U luv SUME1, & dat dey luv U, U R lIklE 2 wnt 2 mari dem & 2 b tinkN bout a mariG proposal.

These dAz eithR of U mA propoz mariG, w o w/o an NgAGmnt rng & n prv8 o n public. bt it iz not wise 2 mAk a surprIz mariG proposal n frnt of famLe o fRnds - 4 wutevA rEsN d Ans mA not b an immediate keen & wiLN yS !

And mAk yor proposal sumTIN dfrnt & specL, mAbE @ a favorite plAc o whr U 1st met - it cn b simpl o outrageous bt mAk it rOmntc. It wiL ofn b best 2 pik d ring(s) 2geder aftR. & U mA wnt 2 hav a fun NgAGmnt pRT !

& mAbE U mite evN wnt yor actual proposal wrds half-way n line w Gene Chandler ;

Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler 1962

Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl

As I, I walk through this world
Nothing can stop The Duke of Earl
And-a you, you are my girl (Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
And no one can hurt you, oh no. (Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
blank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke)
Yes-a I, Oh I'm gonna love you
Oh, oh. Come on let me hold you darling
'Cause I'm the Duke of Earl
So, yea, yea, yea, yeah.
blank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
And when I hold you (Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
You'll be my Dutchess, Dutchess of Earl (Duke, Duke, Duke)
We'll walk through my Duke-dom
And a paradise we will share.

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