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How 2 Kiss advises not goin t% mad bout yor weddN - it iz jst 1 dA & U hav d rSt of yor Lyf 2 L%k 4ward 2. Of corS it iz a v specL dA, so U wiL wnt it 2 go nIslE !

Yor wedding wiL mean makin sum choices - a bigR wedding o a smaLR wedding, a civic wedding o a church wedding, an outdoor wedding o an indoor wedding ... bt do share w yor pRtnR & discuS 2geder som of d mAn wedding decisions, & do not lt parNts Dcide evrtng. dat wiL hlp git yor mariG off 2 a BetA stRt.

N most cases a big wedding iz a big mstake best L 2 d v rich onlE. Big expense waste monE dat c%d b BetA Usd, bt it cn also mAk extra probz w in-laws & othRz dat U wiL b BetA w/o. So evN f it iz parNts monE, U wiL b wise 2 kEp d spNdN dwn. A smaLR wedding cn stil b a v nIs wedding, & b d bigSt dA of yor Lyf. So considR wot yor big dA shud mAnlE involve ;

1. hu wiL attend yor wedding, n/or d fun aftR it ? mAbE d families of U & yor pRtnR, mAbE yor fRnds, mAbE yor wrk collegues, mAbE yor neighbours ? It iz gnrle a bad idea 2 invite lots of ppl dat U knO ltl, bt it mA pA 2 invite a boss evN f dey do not akcpt. & U mite considR f U shud invite less ppl 2 d wedding thN 2 d fun aftR, o f U wnt aL invitations 2 b 4 both.
2. whr wiL yor wedding b, & whr wiL d fun aftR it b ? U mite cum ^ w an idea of a plAc dat U cn hav both, bt mNE setL 4 two separate plAcz lIk a church & a hired hall. f U go 4 a sml wedding thN a civic wedding & a local inn mA suit U fiN. (& f U & yor prtnrs families live an hr o two apart thN U c%d considR havN two sml wedding receptions ?)
3. f U wnt a formal wedding thN U wiL wnt 2 aRnge bridesmaids, best-man, wedding vows etcetera, tho dEz mA not b nEdD 4 a sml wedding.
4. f%d & drink. A mixd help-yourself buffet iz EZer thN a servD meal, & cn NcluD a labelD vegitarian sectN & kds f%dz. Drink shud NcluD soft drinks & not jst alcohol, az a drunken wedding mA go badly.

D Dtails mA tAk 1 mth 2 aRnge 4 a sml wedding, o 12 mthz 2 aRnge 4 a lRg wedding. bt wot U wiL problE nEd 2 aRnge, n do ordr, iz ;

* discuS w yor pRtnR lIklE wedding costs & how dey cn b coverD.
* seleC a wedding D8 & tym - & thOs dat U rly wnt 2 attend, teL weL b4 d wedding D8.
* contak yor local mariG official & reserve yor ceremony tym & site, thN aRnge a separate reception site f nEdD.
* U mA thN wnt 2 aRnge a caterer, photographer & entertainment.
* U mA thN wnt 2 buy, o c bout renting, a brides gown & pRhaps groom & bridesmaids wear (wedding dresses 1st !).
* discuS honeymoon ideas & mAk resRv8nz f nEdD. remMbR passports f req'd.
* Buy o ordr suitable wedding invitation cards, & pRhaps response cards.
* aRnge 4 accommodation 4 out-of-town guests f nEdD. Maybe reserve a blok of r%mz @ a local hotel, @ a grup discount ?
* seleC & ordr wedding rngz (mAbE a gold wedding rng & a diamond wedding rng ?).
* Produce yor guest lst, of nAmz, addresses & fone numbers.
* Begin adRSN invitations, including response cards f req'd w stamps.
* aRnge wedding flowers f wntd.
* ordr a wedding cake.
* aRnge wedding dA transportation 4 d mAn wedding pRT.
* Mail invitations 2 aLow tym 4 responses b4 d big dA.
* 2geder w yor fiancê, obtain mariG license.
* 1 wk b4 d wedding, U mA wnt 2 stRt packing 4 yor honeymoon. remMbR camera, film & passport.
* hav yor hair dn 4 d big dA !
* wrte brief wedding vows f needD.
* on d dA, remMbR d wedding ring(s).

After d wedding, az s%n az posebL aRnge 4 wutevA nAm chAngz, adRS chAngz & beneficiary chAngz mA b nEdD on important documents.
Also U mA wnt 2 aNounce yor mariG 2 d wrld, b4 o aftR. & som W3s offer frE on9 spAc 2 plAc yor own NgAGmnt o wedding photos.

Your wedding iz d stRt 2 yor real Lyf !

getting marriD Foto

Wedding toasts - a wedding spEch

A wedding spEch shud b sht - bElO 5 mins - stRtN by introducing yorself briefly.
Write it rownd yor memories of d cupL, mAbE of U MEtN dem n/or of dem MEtN Ech othR. guests wiL luv 2 hEr yor specL memories bout d nulE wed cupL. f U cn tink of NE fune ocasNz o evnts, dat cn ofn brng a gud Laff. + somTIN bout how U knO dey R rght 4 Ech othR. not try 2 GIV d newlywed cupL NE advice on mariG n yor spEch, nor on politics o religion !)
A sht spEch frm d hart wiL go weL, spOkn clrlE & slOlE so dat evry1 cn hEr U. & U cn kEp calm, yor sml wedding spEch duz not hav 2 go perfect. It wiL go k. f U hav NE specL pRt 2 plA @ a famLe o fRnds wedding (best man, bridesmaid o mAbE a sml speech) thN try vzitN Wedding Toasts - whch hz som gud stuff tho it duz lean 2 USA formal weddings.

For reliable less XpNsiv rngz, c Amazon and c our advice on gold, diamonds & cubic zirconia n Marriage.

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