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Tru luv, wot iz luv rly ?

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How 2 Kiss advises sum thawt f U hav Bin d8ing 4 sum time & R 1dering f it iz tru luv. It mA b EZ 2 b f%lD in2 tinkN dat dey luv U, & in2 tinkN dat U luv dem, wen ther iz n real luv eithR way ! D wrds 'I luv U' R EzalE sed, bt cn b a lie o a half-truth. Rosez, chocl@z, bubLE & 'I luv U' mA b pure romance, & cheats cn uz lots of such romance whIl a tru luv mA c it az ofn insincere & mA go 4 onlE a ltl of dat kind of romance. So U Cnot judge luv onlE by romance.

4 sum d8ing mA b fiN w/o luv, bt 1 o both mA wnt d relationship 2 bcum permanent - & 4 dat 1 o both mA wnt it 2 involve real luv. So how do U knO f U luv SOME1 - & how do U knO f SOME1 luvs U ?

What iz luv NEway ?

Love iz a strong fEln dEp inside a prsn 4 NothA prsn. f dey R awA frm U thN U fEl a strong senS of lngN 4 dem, & f dey R w U thN U fEl strongly dat U wnt 2 protek & cAR 4 dem. f U hav dEz fElnz bt do not knO d prsn weL, thN it mA b jst an infatuation o puppy luv, bt f U hav dEz fElnz & do rly knO d prsn weL thN it iz certanlE Tru Luv. Almost anybody iz capable of LuvN sumbody Ls, bt it mA cum EZer 4 sum thN 4 othRz - sum mA onlE b abL 2 rly luv a parNt bt most cn cum 2 luv othRz also. & 4 sum a nu luv cn cum qixlE, o onlE bILd mo slowly.

F U R tinkN bout luv, thN U wiL hav 2 big questionz dat nEd an Ans - do I luv SOME1 & do dey luv me - & U mA b BetA deciding d 2nd question 1st. f dey do not luv U, thN U mA not rly luv dem.

Do I luv SOME1 ?

If U tink bout DIS, thN U cn Ans DIS question. Of corS U mA not wnt 2 tink bout DIS untl aftR U hav decidD dat d SOME1 Luvs U. bt f U strongly ms dem wen dey R not w U, & f U also strongly wnt 2 protek & cAR 4 dem, dey U R n luv w dat prsn. jst chek yor fElnz bout dem wen U R w dem & wen U R awA frm dem.

Does SOME1 luv me ?

This cn b a ltl harder 2 Ans, bt U mA nEd 2 knO f SOME1 Luvs U b4 U considR f U luv dem. SOME1 Luvs U f dey shO dat dey strongly ms U wen U R awA frm dem, & f dey shO dat dey strongly wnt 2 protek & cAR 4 U. d diFicLtE n deciding DIS question iz dat ppl differ gr8ly n how clrlE dey shO thR real fElnz - sum shO thR real fElnz EzalE & s%n, whIl othRz shO onlE pretend fElnz o n fElnz, & sum shO onlE pretend fElnz o n fElnz untl aftR dey hav bedD o marriD U & thN shO thR real fElnz whch mA b h8 rather thN luv.

Doubts ?

If U R a natRL doubter, & evN doubt yor doctR, thN evN wen U hav n fact found d 1' U mA hav doubts. bt f U hav got 2 knO dem aiight, & U mostly tink dat dey luv U & dat U luv dem, thN a natRL doubter iz weL advisD 2 go w it & jst akcpt dat U R a doubter. Lng happy mariGz cn b had by natRL doubters also, az lng az U hav got d basics k ! Of corS f U R not a natRL doubter & stil hav doubts thN yor doubts mA b rght, o mAbE U do not knO dem weL Enuf yt ?

Bt remMbR dat sum D8 o mari onlE 4 frNdlE co. & frNdlE fun, o 2 hav reg. SX fun, 2 hav chldrn o jst 4 monE. So yor D8 mA b yor true luv, o mA not. U R suR 2 sometime MEt @ lEst 1 real luv, & hopefully U wiL knO it an can say 'we R in luv' ! & thN U wiL mAbE wnt 2 study our mariG & wedding sectNz !

Kissing iz a stRt, 2 jst fun o 2 luv !

Cupid, by Sam Cooke

Now I don't mean to bother you but I'm in a mess.
There's danger of me losing all of my happiness.
For I love a girl who doesn't know I exist
And this you can fix. So...

Cupid draw back your bow
And let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me. Oo, now...

Cupid if your arrow makes a love storm for me
I promise I will love her until eternity.
I know between the two of us her heart we can steal
Help me if you will.

Cupid please hear my cry
And let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

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