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How To Kiss advises some care if you are considering a marriage proposal. It is a big step to take so you should really think about it and about how a proposal is likely to go ! But if you really think it is right for you then do propose !

While a majority may marry because they love someone and think that they also love them, some marry only for friendly company and friendly fun, or to have regular sex fun, to have children or just for money. It is even possible to think that you are marrying for one reason when you are really marrying for another reason but you do not realise it at the time - so it may pay to really think about why, and to discuss why. And there are some arranged marriages, where families insist on a particular marriage and it is generally claimed that love will develop after marriage.

For some marriage can maybe work without love, but one or both may want it to involve real love. And anyway it does need to include some friendly company and friendly fun, some regular sex fun, acceptable money and probably children. Sometimes money and children are not discussed before marriage and a couple have strong differences about those issues that may make their marriage unworkable. So do think about these issues before considering marriage - some do not want children and some do not want to earn money ! Also some may take to in-laws easily and happily, but many will strongly resent their partner's parents if the partner allows them to be too interfering.

Successful marriage needs a couple being a practical team. It will not go well if one does everything to please the other partner instantly, or if one is disagreeable too often. Practical marriage needs cooperation to an extent that is practical for both partners. And one or both of you might do well to consider trying to get some better work experience or qualifications so you can get better paying work. (a lifetime on the lowest wages is not so good)

All married couples will at some times have problems about all of the basic marriage issues - money, kids, sex, housework, in-laws and free time. The successful couple will deal with problems honestly and openly with their partner - then your two heads can come up with realistic answers that will work for you. Keeping a marriage problem secret from your partner prevents workable answers, and is the worse possible thing to do. This applies to money also, which needs agreeable practical handling as a couple even where the agreed roles of each partner may differ.

Young children need a lot of attention that can severely limit parents quality couple-time, so needing a good baby-sitter at least one evening a month for a married couple to go out (on a nice 'date') - your parents may be a good choice. And both partners should also get a regular bit of free-time.

Faithfulness is of course crucial to a good marriage, and indeed any involvement with members of the opposite sex should be kept to a minimum to avoid jealousy problems. And calm open and honest talking is always the main need in a good marriage for handling any problems that come up ! Once children are involved it becomes especially important to really try to make the marriage good, because children under the age of 18 are always very badly affected by an unhappy home or a breakup.

(DOUBTS. Considering marriage is very likely to raising doubts, which can arise any time but can easily hit suddenly just before a wedding. This doubts issue is discussed in our True Love section.)

Romantic marriage proposal ideas.

Well if you have now decided that you love someone, and that they love you, you are likely to want to marry them and to be thinking about a marriage proposal.

These days either of you may propose marriage, with or without an engagement ring and in private or in public. But it is not wise to make a surprise marriage proposal in front of family or friends - for whatever reason the answer may not be an immediate keen and willing yes !

And make your proposal something different and special, maybe at a favorite place or where you first met - it can be outrageous or simple but make it romantic. It may often be best to pick the ring(s) together after. And you may want to have a fun engagement party !

How To Kiss can recommend a low-key and private marriage proposal, but if you have a more extravagant idea in mind for your proposal then you may like to look at a company that can arrange something very special for you ;

See --- Extravagant marriage proposals in Paris - Romantic and creative marriage proposals in Paris - Extravagant marriage proposals in Paris

( even if you decide not to use their service, they will show you lots of good romantic ways to propose )

And maybe you might even want your actual proposal words half-way in line with Gene Chandler ;

Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler 1962

Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl

As I, I walk through this world
Nothing can stop The Duke of Earl
And-a you, you are my girlblank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
And no one can hurt you, oh no.blank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
blank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke)
Yes-a I, Oh I'm gonna love you
Oh, oh. Come on let me hold you darling
'Cause I'm the Duke of Earl
So, yea, yea, yea, yeah.
blank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
And when I hold youblank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl)
You'll be my Dutchess, Dutchess of Earlblank spacer image(Duke, Duke, Duke)
We'll walk through my Dukedom
And a paradise we will share.

Listen to it .... .. (maybe up volume or unmute)

For the full lyrics to this and other great songs visit this Forum on songs and more !

Of course though marriage can be great you should not promise a 'Rose Garden', and do not expect perfection yourself, since marriage like life will always involve some problems that will have to be faced.

If you both want to announce your marriage to the world, before or after, then some websites offer free online space to place your own engagement or wedding photos.

And if for your once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal or engagement you want a good but somewhat less-expensive diamond ring (or Cubic Zirconia [CZ] ring) then we recommend a Certified Si1 G to Si2 H stone that is medium deep and as big a Carat (ct) size as you can reasonably afford, with about 14k gold. Diamond price and quality largely relates to size, clarity and colour as ;

get married graphic
Clarity grades ....... FL - iF -----> VVS1 - VVS2 -----> VS1 - VS2 -----> Si1 - Si2 - Si3 ----> i1(P1) - i2(P2) - i3(P3)
Flawless / Internal Flawless -> Very Very Slight Include -> Very Slight Include -> Slight Include -> Include (Piquê) .. Spotted/Reject
get married graphic
Diamond colour grades . . . . . . . . . . . . D - E - F ----> G - H - I - J ----> K - L - M ----> N to R ----> S to Z
....... Colourless --> Near Colourless --> Faint Yellow --> Very Light Yellow --> Light Yellow
get married graphic

An Si1 G to Si2 H diamond or Cubic Zirconia (CZ) will look perfect without the higher cost of actual perfect, but you will also want a good cut and setting that a quality jeweller will generally provide.

Grades for diamond cut are not always reported reliably but if given are usually - Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Ideal, and Excellent Ideal. Grades for diamond symmetry and/or polish may be separately reported, or may be included in cut grade and are usually - Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. Generally a Good cut grade will look fine and Very Good will look even better (mostly there will be little noticeable gain in Excellent or Ideal). The same also holds for diamond symmetry and/or polish if separately reported.

Note. Gold quality mainly relates to gold content in Karats (k), with 14k to 22k the best range for jewellery and 14k cheaper. Below 14k can be low quality and above 22k is soft. You will also want a better made gold band that quality jewellers provide, and be aware that a lot of very poor jewellery is for sale presented as being quality jewellery.

You can try an Ebay search on 'Si1 G engagement ring' from our Ebay buttons below to get some ideas, then use a good jeweller since Ebay can be risky for a big buy. Of course if money is no object, then you may want to go for the very best. Of course it may well be better to keep the cost down, and that should be discussed with your partner first, you could probably agree something - maybe delaying a ring or maybe getting a good Cubic Zirconia (CZ) ring - but certainly starting out by trying to trick your partner that a cheap ring is an expensive one would be a very bad idea.

(A genuine Cubic Zirconia cannot be distinguished from Diamond by eye by anybody, only by a jeweller test, and they last as well as Diamond. The same considerations apply as for diamonds. But there are some poor fakes about.)

And if your marriage proposal goes well, then you will both soon have to consider arranging your wedding !

Marriage is the beginning of a great life for two !

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