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How To Kiss advises some consideration be used on getting closer with a partner generally, whether a first date or a longtime partner.

Getting closer, as with touching, some may like earlier - but some may want it only after any issues are cleared.
And some may like it to linger a while slowly - but some may want it to quickly move on to getting very much closer.
The very best advice on getting closer is to take a little lead when you think it is right - and follow your partners response.
Do not push your partner too strongly on getting closer.

On a first date How To Kiss advises not going beyond kissing, and not even thinking of going beyond kissing unless your date wants to - and even then "not right now" is almost always best if anything really good is to come from a first date.

But a second date or later is likely to raise other issues, mainly on why really are you both dating. So is it ;

1. Dating to have friendly company and friendly fun. (better than hanging out with a silly gang ?)
2. Dating to have regular sex fun. (but some double-date to get more, especially the married ?)
3. Dating to have children. (especially if middle-age approaching ?)
4. Dating for money. (if honest as a paid escort, if dishonest as a thief ?)
5. Dating because you love someone. (the ideal ?)

Now dating may start with you having one of these reasons only, and with your date having a different starting reason. And some people may continue for years with no change, while others who did not start with love in mind may move on to that.

The different reasons for different people dating are the main reason why it is important that you get to know your date. Because it is easy to get fooled, or to fool yourself. There may be nothing wrong with dating continuing for years for any one of these reasons only, if both dating partners are happy with that. But you need to really get to know your date, to decide if you can both get all that you really want from your dating.

As your dating progresses, there are some other basic things that you should tell your date - honestly ;
1. Let your date know if you have a criminal record or bad credit, even if it may be old history, as these may be exposed later if kept secret and ruin the relationship.
2. Tell your date truthfully if you are unable to have children, or if you do or do not want to have kids ever, as this being kept secret may later ruin the relationship.
3. Tell your date about any serious health or other problems, so they can decide if they will be able to handle this as part of your relationship. If not, then remember that there are always other fish in the sea that will accept you for who you are !

These things that you should tell your date are also the things that you should expect your date to tell you about themselves after you have been dating a while, if the relationship is to go anywhere good.

Kissing may not be all that you want, and may not be all that your date wants, but it can be a very good start while you are both getting to know each other better. If you are old enough then you may want to go on to careful sex, with or without marriage. And you may even find love, your true love or maybe not just now.

Kissing is a start, to just fun or to love !

Long Live Love - Sandy Shaw 1965

I have waited a long long time
For somebody to call mine,
And at last he's come along,
Baby oh nothing can go wrong.
We meet every night at eight
And I don't get home till late.
I say to myself each day
Baby oh long long live love. Mmmm.

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