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How To Kiss advises some thought if you have been dating for some time and are wondering if it is true love. It may be easy to be fooled into thinking that they love you, and into thinking that you love them, when there is no real love either way ! The words 'I love you' are easily said, but can be a lie or a half-truth. Roses, chocolates, champagne and 'I love you' may be pure romance, and cheats can use lots of such romance while a true love may often see it as insincere and dishonest and may go for only a little of that kind of romance. So you cannot always judge love only by romance.

For some dating may be fine without love, but one or both may want the relationship to become permanent - and for that one or both may want it to involve real love. So how do you know if you really love someone - and how do you know if someone really loves you ?

What is love anyway ?

Love is a strong feeling deep inside a person for another person. If they are away from you then you feel a strong sense of longing for them, and if they are with you then you feel strongly that you want to protect and care for them. If you have these feelings but do not know the person well, then it may be just an infatuation or puppy love, but if you have these feelings and do really know the person well then it is certainly True Love.

Almost anybody is capable of loving somebody else, but it may come easier for some than for others - some may only be able to really love a parent but most can come to love others also. And for some a new love can come quickly, or only build more slowly.

If you are thinking about love, then you will have two big questions that need an answer - do I love someone and do they love me - and you may be better deciding the second question first. If they do not love you, then you may not really love them.

Do I love someone ?

If you think about this, then you can answer this question. Of course you may not want to think about this until after you have decided that the someone loves you. But if you strongly miss them when they are not with you, AND if you also strongly want to protect and care for them, they you are in love with that person. Just check your feelings about them when you are with them and when you are away from them.

Does someone love me ?

This can be a little harder to answer, but you may need to know if someone loves you before you consider if you love them. Someone loves you if they show that they strongly miss you when you are away from them, AND if they show that they strongly want to protect and care for you. The difficulty in deciding this question is that people differ greatly in how clearly they show their real feelings - some show their real feelings easily and soon, while others show only pretend feelings or no feelings, and some show only pretend feelings or no feelings until after they have bedded or married you and then show their real feelings which may even be hate more than love. So care is advised about deciding if someone loves you.

Doubts ?

If you are a natural doubter, and even doubt your doctor, then even when you have in fact found 'the one' you may have doubts. But if you have gotten to know them alright, and you mostly think that they love you and that you love them, then a natural doubter is well advised to go with it and just accept that you are a doubter. Long happy marriages can be had by natural doubters also, as long as you have got the basics OK ! Of course if you are not a natural doubter and still have doubts then your doubts may be right, or maybe you do not know them well enough yet ?

But remember that some date or marry only for friendly company and friendly fun, or to have regular sex fun, to have children or just for money. So your date may be your true love, or may not. But you are sure to sometime meet at least one real love, and hopefully you will know it and can confidently say 'we are in love' ! And then you will maybe want to study our marriage and wedding sections !

Kissing is a start, to just fun or to love !

Cupid , by Sam Cooke 1961

Now I don't mean to bother you but I'm in a mess.
There's danger of me losing all of my happiness.
For I love a girl who doesn't know I exist
And this you can fix. So...

Cupid draw back your bow
And let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me. Oo, now...

Cupid if your arrow makes a love storm for me
I promise I will love her until eternity.
I know between the two of us her heart we can steal
Help me if you will.

Cupid please hear my cry
And let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

Listen to it .... .. (maybe up volume or unmute)

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PS. If you want to find your true love online, there are many general and specialised dating websites and a few of them are even free.

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